The First International Conference on Peace and Conflict Resolution (ICPCR)

About Conference

The Faculty of World Studies, University of Tehran, aims to establish the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies in the near future. In previous years, an academic core promoting the intellectual and practical study of peace and the prevention and management of conflicts has been formed at the faculty. The Center will be initiating a post grad programme on Peace and Conflict Resolution, which will be the first of its kind in Iran, aiming to advance the academic path to building a safer world for the future generations. The program will be accepting students from around the world, aiming to provide an atmosphere where students get the chance to experience diversity and difference of opinion first-hand.

The Center will also be holding the first International Conference on Peace and Conflict Resolution (ICPCR), which will bring together scholars and experts on the issue, providing a vibrant forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences on this vital issue. ICPCR has a multidisciplinary approach, with a focus on the discipline of peace and conflict resolution studies. The call for papers is broadly defined to include a vast array of issues and approaches to peace and conflict resolution. Reaching a broader understanding of concepts and theories and providing innovations in the theoretical field, and practical solutions for conflict resolution are the main goals that the conference aims to achieve.

The Faculty of World Studies (FWS) at the University of Tehran, in collaboration with the Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO and the Iranian Peace Studies Scientific Association will host the ICPCR.


Conference Goals

The security has always been the most fundamental requirement of the human being for a happy and prosperous life. Peace and peaceful coexistence are the preconditions to realize the sustaining security when the conflicts nurture the violence, war and annihilation. The felicitous welfare in the contemporary world, then, won’t be achieved unless the sustainable peace and security is guaranteed. On the contrary, the war and violence shatters the human life with destroying the blessing environment and standing against God’s tradition of permanent creation and production.

West Asia and North Africa holds the oldest global civilizations when they currently suffer a considerable amount of the world armed conflicts. The region is even potential for the much widespread conflicts and war fronts due to the present geopolitical disputes and the stockpiles of arms. We believe, then, the academicians and social activists have the mission to take a more responsible approach to consolidate peace and resolve the conflicts. The Faculty of World Studies hosts the permanent secretariat of the International Conference on Peace and Conflict Resolution (ICPCR) as it convenes its first conference to account for this social mission.

ICPCR also aims to:

  1. To make a vibrant forum for  the Iranian and international experts in peace and conflict resolution to exchange ideas and share experiences.
  2. To provide an enabling environment for scholars to provide their genius ideas and produce a constructive academic literature in peace and conflict resolution.
  3. To make an efficient network of the experienced experts and the interested young scholars in peace and conflict resolution.

Conference Bases

ICPCR provides an interdisciplinary platform for the presentation of various views on peace and conflict resolution. New advances in research and theory along with practical achievements in peace and conflict resolution inquiries would be shared among participants. ICPCR brings together the leading academic scholars and researchers in this domain of interest from around the world. Topics for paper submission include, but are not limited to:

Principal Concepts in Peace Studies

  • Theoretical Frameworks to Understanding Peace
  • Schools & Theories of Peace
  • Strategies for Peacebuilding and Peacekeeping
  • Psychology of Peace and Violence
  • Sociology of Peace and Violence
  • Anthropology of Peace and Volence
  • Globalization and Peace
  • The Role of Education in Creating a Peaceful World
  • Religion and Ethics of Peace
  • Peace and Human Rights
  • The Role of Media, Arts & Sports in Creating Peace
  • Peace and Development
  • Peace and Environment

Principal Concepts in Conflict Resolution

  • Schools & Theories of Conflict Resolution
  • Practical Patterns of Conflict Resolution
  • Strategies for Conflict Resolution
  • Psychology of Conflict Resolution
  • Sociology of Conflict Resolution
  • Anthropology of Conflict Resolution
  • Globalization and Conflict Resolution
  • The Role of Education in Conflict Resolution
  • The Role of Religious Leaders in Conflict Resolution
  • Conflict Resolution and Human Rights
  • Conflict Resolution in Media, Arts & Sports
  • Conflict Resolution and Development
  • Conflict Resolution and Environment

Important Dates


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