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International Conference on "Women and Social Peace", October 2023

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Iranian Peace Studies Scientific Association Since 2015


On Wednesday, 17 June 2015, thanks to the efforts made by Dr Mojtaba Maghsoudi (Associate Professor at the Islamic Azad University of Central Tehran Branch), the Iranian Peace Studies Scientific Association (IPSAN) was officially established in its first General Assembly and its board members were elected. The Association aims at promoting peace studies and culture.
Iranian Peace Studies Scientific Association

The Iranian Peace Studies Scientific Association is a non-profit and interdisciplinary institution. This Association commenced its activity with a license from the Ministry of Science and Technology Research of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2015. Peace Association is recruiting members from graduates of political sciences, international relations, psychology, edu- cational sciences, law, sociology, ethnic studies and anthropology.

• Advancement and development of the field of Peace Studies;
• Development of specialised forces in the field of Peace Studies;
• Conducting joint scientific and cultural research at the national and international levels in partnership with researchers involved in Peace Studies;
• Cooperation with administrative, scientific, and research institutes;
• Offering educational and research services to individuals who are interested in Peace Studies;
• Publication of books and scholarly journals; • Holding academic conferences and colloquia at national, regional, and international levels.

Selection of the IPSAN as an A-Grade Association in Iran
In the 22nd Festival of Top Researchers and Technologists of the Islamic Republic of Iran, held with the presence of the Iranian Vice-President for Science and Technology and the Ministers of Science, Research and Technology, the Interior, and Sports, a number of university presidents and technology parks, and several governors in the Persian Gulf Conference Hall, Tehran International Exhibition, on 16 December 2021, the IPSAN was selected as an A-Grade Association, and Dr Mohammad Ali Zolfi Gol, Minister of Science, Research, and Technology bestowed a plaque of appreciation to Dr Mojtaba Maghsoudi, Chairman of the IPSAN Board. It is worth mentioning that in 2021 the Association achieved this position from among the 440 MSRT-licensed scientific associations attending the Festival. The association had also received an A Grade from the Iranian Commission for Scientific Associations in 2020.

  • such as seminars, books review

Iranian Peace Studies Scientific Association

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Members of the board

Founding Board and Members of the Board 2015-2021

Founding Board

Mojtaba Maghsoudi
Mohammad Amin Ghanei Rad
Maghsoud Ferasatkhah
Nasrin Mosaffa
Davoud Hermidas-Bavand
Bagher Shamlou
Mohammadreza Tajik
Tahereh Miremadi
Gholamreza Memarzadeh
Majid Khorshidi
Mohsen Khalili
Elaheh Hejazi
Jafar Tofighi Darian
Reza Eslami
Akram Ghadimi

Members of the First Board 2015-2018

Mojtaba Maghsoudi (Chairman of the Board)
Mansour Rahmani (Deputy Chair)
Mohammad Amin Ghanei Rad (Board Member)
Bagher Shamlou (Board Member)
Ali Morshedizad (Treasurer)
Tahereh Ebrahimifar (Inspector)
Majid Khorshidi (Alternate Member)
Gholamreza Memarzadeh (Alternate Member)
Iman Mirzazadeh (Alternate Inspector)

Members of the Second Board 2018

Mojtaba Maghsoudi (Chairman of the Board)
AbdolAmir Nabavi (Board Member)
Bagher Shamlou (Board Member)
Mohammad Mansournejad (Board Member)
Ali Morshedizad (Treasurer)
AmirHoushang Mirkoushesh (Inspector)
Ali Malekpour (Alternate Member)
Mehrdad Khorram Nasr (Alternate Inspector)

Members of the Third Board 2021

Mandana Tishehyar (Chair of the Board)
AbdolAmir Nabavi (Board Member)
Nematollah Fazeli (Board Member)
Mohammad Mansournejad (Board Member)
Neda Haji Vosough (Treasurer)
Mojtaba Maghsoudi (Inspector)
AmirHoushang Mirkoushesh (Alternate Member)
Mehrdad Khorram Nasr (Alternate Member)
Shaghayegh Heidari (Alternate Inspector)

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